The Bridge School


Lesson Plans Overview

All of the lesson plans on this site are organized in sections to make it easy to find the particular information you want. Every lesson plan is broken into the same set of sections. Below, you can see the different sections and the information you will find in that section on any given lesson plan.


The Preview section provides a general description and short summary of the lesson, indicates the intended grade level (preschool through grade 5), content/subject area or unit, and includes an overview of the activities, assignments, and expected or possible student products.

Standards and Goals

The Standards and Goals section contains the lesson objectives, references relevant grade level content standards, and lists representative IEP goals and objectives that can be targeted and measured, along with sample data collection sheets.


Preschool lesson plans are aligned with California’s Preschool Learning Foundations (PLF). For Grades K-5, you will see that lesson plans are aligned with the California’s Common Core State Standards.

IEP Goals and Objectives

IEP Goals and Objectives are stated in terms of expected, observable and measurable behaviors that the student will demonstrate over time as learning takes place.

Materials and Preparation

Materials and Preparation describes both teacher and student materials, exclusive of AT, that are required to implement lesson. We also provide links to websites or outside lesson plans that are used as a resource, strategies for student groupings, and descriptions of staff roles during implementation of the lesson. Given our intensive focus on the use and learning of AT/AAC, these tools and strategies are illustrated under the AT / AAC section.

Instructional Plan

The Instructional Plan outlines step-by-step procedures for implementation of activities, from opening to closing activities, along with important considerations for student grouping and environmental arrangements. This section also describes individualized accommodations and/or modifications to the activities based on the specific student learning needs. Accommodations generally do not change the content, amount of information learned, or performance criteria. Modifications can include changes in instructional level, content, and performance criteria.

Progress Monitoring

This section describes how student progress toward goals and objectives is monitored. Our data collection sheets align each student’s IEP benchmarks with their personalized curriculum thus allowing classroom staff to systematically gather data for progress monitoring in the context of ongoing instructional activities. Each data sheet contains procedures describing what information is to be collected, the collection schedule, and which team member is responsible for collecting and reporting the data.


AT / AAC describes the communication tools and supports used in the lesson including no tech, low-tech and high tech approaches. Our lessons incorporate AT/AAC tools, devices, and strategies in ways that support and maximize student participation and learning of curricular content as well as increased competence using AT. Using photos and videos we demonstrate how we integrate AT and AAC in the context of ongoing instruction for students in preschool through Grade 5.

Resources / References

Resources and References offers a variety of resources that were used to create and implement the lesson. We list a bibliography of sources that we found useful. You can also download a template with the lesson plan.