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Distance Learning at The Bridge School

During Distance Learning, The Bridge School will give parents access to the HCSD website who continue to communicate regularly and post updates at Student Health and Wellness / Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Information ( 

In addition parents can access additional information from the California Department of Education on Distance Learning and Special Education at:

The following guide provides The Bridge School families with the resources to support their transition to Distance Learning. The Bridge School is dedicated to ensuring that during Distance Learning:

  • Students will continue developing educational and social life skills
  • The Bridge School will continue supporting students as they work toward developing communicative competence
  • The Bridge School will strive to support families in their homes during Distance Learning
  • The Bridge School will continue integrating Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems, Assistive Technology, and Cortical Visual Impairment strategies and support
  • Our students can participate with their classroom teachers and peers
  • The Bridge School will remain mindful of and factor in the anxiety and other impactful conditions that this crisis is imposing upon our students, our educators, and all of their families.
  • The Bridge School will maintain and nurture our connections with our students
  • The Bridge School will provide work that is meaningful and that mitigates skills regression
  • The Bridge School will continue reinforcing prior learning and support students’ deepening understanding
For Questions About…Contact
The Daily Schedule and related classroom work Your child(ren)’s Teacher/SLP
Classroom 1
Bridget Emery (Teacher); Johnson Taing (SLP)
Classroom 2
Stephanie Gieseker(Teacher); Linzy Knaster (SLP)
Occupational Therapy and Assistive Technology
(ex: issues regarding seating and positioning, access issues and/or ideas for accessing home environments)
Yolanda Scarpati OT
Joy McCollum-Franco ATP
SchedulesClassroom 1 schedule (as of 4/20/20)
Classroom 2 schedule (as of 4/20/20)
Subject to Change
A personal concern regarding your childYour Child’s Teacher and/or SLP
Vicki Casella (Executive Director)
Aileen Arai (Director of Education)
Sarah Baroody (Director of Transition)
Other issues related to distance learning Vicki Casella (Executive Director)
Aileen Arai (Director of Education)
Sarah Baroody (Director of Transition)
Kathleen Carr (Assistant Director of Education)


At this time, The Bridge School is obligated by the State of California to continue to track student attendance.  Attendance will be taken daily by your classroom teacher. Parents’ communication requirement: Please respond to your classroom teacher on the Remind App, by email, or by phone if they contact you about your child’s attendance.

Remind App

  • Remind is a communication platform that helps educators and parents communicate much like texting.
  • While this app will be a supplement to email and not the only form of communication, it provides an alternate option for the families that do not have easy access to email.
  • Remind’s guidelines, practices, and features have been designed to protect the safety and security of users and their personal information. Remind has been certified by iKeepSafe for privacy practices related to COPPA, FERPA, and California Student Privacy.


Teachers/SLPs will hold video sessions with students to give live instruction, discussion, 1-on-1 support, and/or to continue to build social-emotional connections with students.  Your child(ren)’s teacher will announce the date/time for these virtual meetings and will share a link to the session. WebEx is an encrypted, secure platform and the only shared platform approved of for video conferencing at The Bridge School.


Bridge School staff will post videos through password protected Showcases in Vimeo. Families will be given a secure, private link to Vimeo that should not be shared with others.

IT, AT, Communication Devices

  • IPads, laptops, or other IT equipment are checked out to families who may require additional IT/AT support at home.  These are determined on a case by case basis.
  • Additional AT may be checked out to families such as, Step By Steps, SGDs, etc., on a case by case basis.

Additional Tools

Teachers will give clear instructions for students if they want them to use any of these extra tools. Many of these tools are ones that are already used frequently by teachers. Please note: teachers may also be using tools that are not listed below. They will communicate requirements for using these, and all, tools to students using their main method of communication. 

Additional Links from Hillsborough District Website

Resources for Parents/Families –

Rules for Video Conferencing –

The Arts –

Additional Information by Hillsborough School Website for all families –What Is Important for Families to Understand

  • This is a first for all of us, and for teachers it is a first for most regarding the use of distance learning. Teachers are learning how to use the online platforms, how to scaffold learning, how to check for understanding and how to provide effective feedback all while teaching remotely from their homes.
  • Teachers who are also parents will be working under particularly challenging conditions that will require flexibility particularly around the timing of direct instruction and whole class interactions. Many will be simultaneously helping their own children to access their schools’ online learning, caring for infants or toddlers, or caring for an ill family member.
  • Not all families are similarly positioned to support our younger learners, and this needs to be considered as teachers assign their work. While teachers support students’ understanding of directions and provide the “how to’s” in the classroom, parents who are, for example, active medical professionals and employees, may not be able to provide this support to their children during the day.
  • Teachers are adjusting, too. They may stumble or make mistakes that they would not normally make in the familiar face-to-face classroom setting. As I’m sure you agree this is a time to withhold judgment and offer compassion, support and understanding to our educators as they embrace Distance Learning.
  • During the early weeks of Distance Learning, the learning focus will be on re-creating connections, mitigating isolation, reinforcing previous learning, practicing skills, and engaging in critical and creative thinking. Following this period, and depending upon California Department of Education (CDE) guidance, we will begin to integrate carefully selected new concepts and skills.

The Bridge School Distance Learning Plan [PDF, 344KB]