The Bridge School
Course of Study

Preschool Program: Thematic Units in Action


During Bakery theme students put on chef hats and aprons and use a variety of adapted cooking tools to create pretend cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. At the end of the week, students bake and decorate real cookies to enjoy together, following a simple recipe with picture supports.

Beauty Parlor/Barbershop

During the Beauty Parlor/Barbershop theme, students get to experience being a stylist or a customer at a salon or barbershop. One year, the students loved this theme so much, their families organized a group after school outing to a local salon and they all got their hair cut together!


Let's go camping! The students work as a team to pack up the pretend car (the wagon) with all the things they will need for the trip. Once they make it to the campsite, students can pitch the tent, gather firewood, do some cooking over the camp stove, or even get in the tent and tell stories.


In order to get the preschoolers ready for the Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert, the preschool classroom is set up to look like a concert venue. Students get to act out the different roles people play at the concert or any other musical event.

Construction Worker

The Construction Worker unit is full of tools and trucks. Many students have family members who work in construction or have seen construction sites near their homes. They feel proud to be dressing up and working, just like other grown-ups around them.


Dinosaurs and animals that lived long ago often fascinate children. During Dinosaur theme students get to act out being an archeologist who digs for the bones and the actual dinosaurs big and small.


The Doctor theme allows students to choose between being a doctor, nurse, patient, or receptionist. Many students have been to the doctor's office before and enjoy taking on the role of the doctor or nurse.

Grocery Store

During the Grocery Store theme students can go shopping or be a grocery clerk. Food items, many of which are empty food containers and boxes, are placed around the "store" according to food group (dairy, fruits and vegetables, bread, meat, and sweets).

Outer Space

To infinity and beyond! For Outer Space week, the classroom staff constructs a spaceship (large enough to fit at least 2 hands-free support walkers) in the middle of the classroom, and the pretend play area becomes the surface of the moon.

Pizza Parlor

Pizza Parlor is all about pizzas and who doesn't love pizza? Students get to order, cook, serve, deliver, and even eat pizza.


As scientists, students investigate their world through their five senses and by conducting experiments. The "lab" or pretend play area is set up with a variety of activities that encourage students to use their hands, ask questions, and find out more.